Gloves and Clover - '05 Mustang GT & '06 Mini Cooper S

ALTA Light Bar Install (part 2)
The Custom Toggle Switchs

Project Goal:
Clover and I installed the IPF driving lights on the ALTA bar. (see Part 1)We wanted to take the install 1 step further. Instead of using the stupid plastic-double sided stick tape mounted push-button we were gutsy and went for an after market toggle switch in our 2 blank toggle slots.

First on our way back from church we found a GP!

Once back I got to work and opended up the knee bolster by pulling on each side (I wedged a Phillips in there)

Next moved the pillars out of the way and unscrewed the toggle switch panel. 6 screws total.

I cut the stock switch off. And soldered in the new toggle switches.

Next we took the front toggle switch plate and drilled holes for the new switches.

On the back of the MINI toggle switch unit is an over-the-top plug design.

Once detached i had to make room for the new toggles in there. So it's time to saw it.

The whole time Clover spent sleeping in the back seats:


Back to work:

This was another unplanned obstacle

It's not pretty but it'll work!

Left switch arms the center lights.
Right switch arms the outside lights.
High-beams turn on all armed lights.

After we went and added some double-sided stick padding between the lamps and the bumper. The problem was, it stuck out like a sore thumb so Clover finally woke up and used some acrylic paint remedy that.

2 of Clover's pets showing off:



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