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Ultimate Zombie Killing Weapon

Checking to confirm the kill

In the likely event of a zombie attack, are you going to be able to survive the hoards of undead trying to claw at your flesh and gnaw through your skull to get at the brains inside? Gloves and Clover have meditated on just such a catastrophic event. Gloves says, “The key to our survival is going to be to put together the ultimate in zombie defense. We know the only way to stop the undead, massive trauma to the head.”

Behold, the Ultimate Zombie Killing Weapon

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  • ATI 6-position collapsible butt stock. Gloves uses position 5 & 6 while Clover uses position 0. Includes M-16 style pistol grip. No adapters necessary for the Mossberg.
  • Top sight rail system
  • Holographic Red Dot sight. Can switch between 4 different sights and 7 levels of luminosity.
  • Top-mounted laser. Easy to switch on and off. Mounted just 1/4" from the center of the barrel.
  • Heat Shield. After unloading 2 dozen magnum rounds, this will save you from accidental burns.
  • Tri-Rail system attaches to heat shield. It’s only 1 ½" long but that's more than enough for us.
  • UTG New Gen LT-TL101 Xenon IRB tactical light by Leapers.
  • 6 Shell butt stock attachment (in the mail)
Mossberg 500A Tatical Shotgun

Gloves: We chose the Mossberg 500A over other shotguns for a few simple reasons. The Mossberg 500A is the Ford Mustang of Shotguns if you will. There are more modifications available than you can shake a stick at. Mossberg is also less expensive than the Ferrari of shotguns; Benelli. Mossberg is known for quality shotguns that are military spec, designed to work under less than ideal conditions without failure. Rugged, yet light weight, utilizes a proven design and simple to use.

Why did we choose the Mossberg 500A over the 590 series? 590s cost a little more with modest improvements in ruggedness, we could have gone either way but decided to spend the money we saved on custom mods and more ammo. We could have also gone with a semi-auto shotgun, but decided against that. The cost of a semi-auto shotty instantly doubles and without self control, might find ourselves quickly out of ammo or reloading more often. The standard pump shotgun has been used for years with great success, anyone who knows anything about selfe defence will agree.

Clover: This is my baby! There are two sight methods and a high-power flash light to illuminate the perpetrating flesh eaters. You can’t miss with it! Those souless, drooling, flesh bags will soon be a motionless pile of fertilizer on the ground.

Zombie Killing Ammunition

12 Guage Birdshot

Gloves: Now that we built the best zombie killing gun, it’s time to run through the best zombie killing ammo. There are 3 basic types of shotgun ammo that I have seen; Birdshot, Buckshot and Slug. The ammunitions most basic qualification is to penetrate the zombie dome scrambling the brains. Shotgun ammo gets confusing quickly and this is no time to explain the seemingly random nomenclature, you can check it out on Wikipedia.

Birdshot: Useless, unless at point-blank (0 to 3 yards, maybe 4 yards). Birdshot is great for practicing. It’s generally less expensive than other ammo.

12 Guage 00 buckshot

Buckshot: More specifically I recommend 00 Buckshot, Included are 9 to 12 pellets in a shell. Each pellet hits with nearly the impact of a 9mm Parabellum pistol round.

  • Buckshot pellets weight ~70 grains and travels at 1,100 to 1,300 FPS
  • 9 x19mm Parabellum weighs ~115 grains travels at ~1,100
  • .22 Long Rifle weights ~29 to 60 grains and travels at 1,000 to 1,250 FPS

Most effective from is 0 to 30 yards. 00 Buckshot is good for separating brains from skulls!

12 Guage slug ammo

Slug Ammo: Slug ammo has tremendous stopping power. It’s a large (.70 caliber), heavy (300 grain/.7 oz) piece of soft lead traveling at 2,000 fps. It’s going to stop whatever it hits. This will not only remove the brain, it’ll remove the head from the body! Great for zombies at ranges of 30 to 75 yards! (Effective up to 100 yards, providing your aim good for head shots that far away!)

12 Guage Multi-Defense Buckshot by Centurion Italy

Multi-Defense Buckshot: My Favorite zombie defense ammo! These shells made by Centruion have one 65 caliber ball plus 6 additional buckshot led balls. It seems these guys figured they would take the best of both worlds and put them together in one awesome shell. Once fired, a LARGE lead ball is on its way quickly followed by 6 smaller hard hitting pellets. This all happens at 1,300 FPS!!!

Over the shoulder ammo bag holds 620 rounds

Now that you have your ammo, you need equipment to carry it. This is done with a simple small carrying bag. It’s amazing how much ammo I can pack into such a small over the shoulder bag because of all the little pouches.

  • 400 rounds of .22 LR
  • 100 rounds of 12 ga
  • 100 rounds of 9mm
  • 20 rounds of .223

Probably could have fit a few more rounds, but do you really need more than that? Don’t answer that

Sunday, July 26, 2009