Dear California Government,

I write you this letter, as a humbled, law-biding, tax-paying, politically active, voting citizen.It is my familyís solemn belief that AB1810, AB1934 and AB2223 are directly infringing on this great nationís 2nd amendment rights.

You have heard the arguments for and against these bills. While I admire the efforts put forth to enact these 3 bills, I implore you to reconsider adding another taxing, rights-revoking bill to our already bloated law system (3rd largest in the WORLD).

I realize your intentions are to reduce the horrific firearm crimes that happen on a daily basis and sometimes hurting and killing innocent citizens.AB1810, AB1934 and AB2223 do nothing to even slow this.Please redirect your focus to our gang problems, under-paid teachers, over worked police and over-crowded prison system. The great state of California is my home and is in dire need of help in those areas.

The very most PRIMARY role of our government is to protect its law-biding citizens from out-laws.The next is educating its people to a minimum level, followed by making higher education more readily available. In addition, it needs to promote commerce and trade through infrastructure.

Despite these bills good intentions, these are 3 steps in the complete opposite direction. I am sad to see such talent wasted on another restriction applied to the people of California.

Please, consider the silent majority instead of pandering to the loud minorities.

Life-long (4th generation) Californian


"Don't interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties." -Abraham Lincoln